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The GOP obsession with my private parts is getting out of hand. I’m just gonna post this without additional comments because I have NO WORDS! These assholes are getting out of hand with their bullshit. ~ Kim

Newest GOP Attack on Women: Just Say No to Tampons

In recent weeks, the GOP attack on contraceptives and women’s rights has been returning to the legislative tables, and causing a stir among women’s rights activists and media outlets nationwide.

Now it seems that many within the Republican party who strive to ban contraceptive use also see it as a necessity to prohibit the use of tampons, and seek to ban the sales of these and similar products as soon as possible.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) recently put together an all male panel for discussion at the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on the contraceptive coverage rule and excluded women from the conversation. It seems that he is set to establish a similar group of men to discuss the use of tampons within a woman’s vagina.

It is unnatural for a woman to insert a foreign object into her body for the sake of stopping the menstrual flow. I, as well as several others seek to eliminate the sales of such objects. Women should let nature take care of itself the way that our Almighty Creator intended. To try to manipulate and control such an occurrence goes against God’s plan for women.

Initial drafts of this new legislation have already been brought before Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), and several other GOP Congressmen. It is likely to come to a vote as early as next month. If passed, tampons will no longer be available to sell or purchase, and women will have to find an alternative means to alleviate menstrual excreta.

Several Democratic Congresspeople are already petitioning in dissent of this new piece of legislation, and will not give up without a fight to preserve a woman’s right to take care of her own body as she deems most effective.

excuse me what

are they all high

woah shit

Women should let nature take care of itself the way that our Almighty Creator intended.

imagine a girl in a bus just stands there in a skirt and then suddenly she drowns the entire bus in her vagina blood

how about no

god didn’t want vehicles to exist

lets all come back to the prehistory will we


the fuck are they even DOING anymore???????


is this legit????

i really hope it’s fake because if it’s not WOW DON’T WE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT LIKE THE ECONOMY AND JOBS?????

GOP prohibiting the use of tampons?

i guess this is my cue to period all over their expensive suits


Why don’t we take all those tampons and shove it up their asses, at least they wouldn’t go to waste.




and then it was decided that women had to bleed into pads even though some of them cannot do so because pads do not work for them.

I say the women in the government come out with some bullshit bill to stop sales of Viagra because “it’s not natural for men to be able to achieve an erection when God has decided that they will have erectile dysfunction for their lifetime. It goes against the Almighty Creators decisions.”

I honestly…don’t think I’ve ever seen something so idiotic in my entire life….I probably have but dammit this takes the cake as far as my mind can see


I don’t use tampons, but…

Dear gods…

What the ever living fuck is this bullshit? 

Not true. Fixed the link. It’s to a satirical news site.

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    ok sorry ladies, looks like you’ll have to...everywhere from now on. I mean seriously...
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    guys this is actually from a satirical website. But it’s so modern GOP I could’ve believed it.
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    give these people a vagina and...how much they like bleeding into
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    This is FAKE. It was written by a blogger trying to create satire.
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    I’d wager it’s fake/satire considering I can’t find a source article on google.
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    fDo they expect us to leave a trail of blood wherever we go ? ; - ;
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    I’ve stopped understanding why people still live in the USA. We will never have this kind of debate over here, but this...
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    You’re fucking kidding me, right? TAMPONS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!??????? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?
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  21. adelate said: omg. I totally believed this and wrote an incredibly pissed off comment and then went to the source… satire. Woops. :P
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    madness. It’s straight up fucking lunacy. I’ve been following all this stuff for...they’re...
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    Is this real life? [EDIT: A quick google reveals that this is fake. But the fact that we all thought it was real is sad...
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    i feel like i’m going to puke. first: MEN ONLY deciding on things that WOMEN ONLY have and understand? seriously? and...
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    dear god, this makes me want to die, and take those people with me.
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    What the fuck man! What. The. Fuck. Seriously, this is one of the reasons I hate religion.
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    If you don’t have a fucking vagina, ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Religion doesn’t even NEED to be in politics anyhow :l
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    Yeah, this is ridiculous… almost too ridiculous. I don’t personally believe it. There’s no source listed and there’s no...
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    Wow, getting stupider ideas every year, yeah?
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    Alright, well I’m a guy, so I don’t have those kinds of experiences, nor do I want to know, but I do know that none of...
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