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30 Days of Gaming - Day 25

Game You Plan on Playing

Shall… shall I list them all? I need to finish the original .hack games, Okami, Okage, the Jak games, Legaia 2, a few Final Fantasy games, Birth by Sleep, Duodecim’s currently in progress… but I guess I should go with something I haven’t started yet. Perhaps! Perhaps something I haven’t even bought yet! Something in a new franchise, even!

Actually, come to think of it, I really need to get a move on Zelda games. I own Majora’s Mask, is all, and it freaked me out a little when I was little. Actually, come to think of it, it still freaks me out. This totally didn’t help, either. But I know most Zelda games are different from Majora’s Mask, and I have been meaning to start them for a long time, because I am ashamed at my lack of Zeldaing.

It’s just so hard to start something new when I already have so many things in progress. :/