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explaining autism

this actually made me tear up

i love Arthur so fucking much.

Having a brother who has Autism, this made me really happy.

Damn, Arthur is srs bidness

this is beautiful

Oh my god I love that episode so much Arthur is such an ace show

oh my fucking god I didn’t even know they did this this is so accurate and wonderful

wow arthur serious props right here

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#I feel like arthur lost track somewhere around maybe percy #and then the twins happened and he stopped trying #jesus fucking christ molly #Twins? #TWINS? #I can hardly tell one buttock from the other #let alone two identical children #blimey #just fuck it #damn it all #i’ll start referring to them as you boy and that one there
#wait okay I KNOW this one isn’t mine#his hair is brown

#Fuck did we adopt one?

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Ichabod: The ship is still mostly the counting house, albeit long-transformed and changed. This room is of the counting house, so it will always be connected somehow. If the passageway falls off, some other way will open.
Arthur: Through the wardrobe maybe.
Ichabod: I doubt that, young mortal. That is where I keep the Captain’s clothes. It is not a thoroughfare of any kind.
Arthur: Sorry. I was only…(trails off)
(Awkward silence.)

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Arthur:  What would have happened to me if I had died?
Will:  You’d be dead. What do you mean?

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