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Me: Harry Potter is, like, the gateway fandom. You start reading the books, then all of a sudden you have a sonic screwdriver, you're carrying salt everywhere and awkwardly in love with Sherlock Holmes and you don't really know how any of it happened, but your pretty sure it started because Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursely of 4 Privet Drive were proud to say that they were perfectly normal thank you very much.
Friend: I don't even know how to respond to that.

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excuse me

Is this where I sign into the fandom?

HA, I see you have a ship!

I have one too!

They’re very non-canon and…




I cant


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when something happens in your fandom but none of your friends are in it 

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dear lorax fandom,


For the past few months, it seems, there has been a lot of unneeded drama circulating. Yes, drama is a natural thing to happen in any fandom but what is going on now (and has been for a while) is just really immature and childish.

I will put the rest in a read more. I’ll be explaining a lot and giving examples.

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The Once-ler Fandom
Day 1: whoah i'm not the only one who thinks he's cute
Day 2: omg we all woke up at the same time
Day 3: quick, someone make an ask blog
Day 4: no srsly how bad can i be
Day 5: whoah we got some cool artists
Day 6: the once-ler's orgasm face
Day 7: THE fanfic
Day 8: we need body pillows
Day 9: lets all make pancakes
Day 10: whoah there's like 50 of us in the fandom
Day 11: let's do a 50-way skype call
Day 12: How Bad Can I Be reblog it, it's the law
Day 14: holy shit oncest
Day 15: lol grapes
Day 18: oh cool we got the whole movie in our hands...make all the gifs
Day 19: holy shit billboard
Day 20: you only live once-ler
Day 21: ask-swag-onceler
Day 23: oncie island
Day 31: omg once-ler prom is best prom
Day 42: are there seriously 1000 people in this fandom
Day 49: whoah normaler
Day 56: we need phsyciatric help
Day 57: nevermind, we need 200 thousand dollars
Day 62: oh yeah, we're two months old
Day 68: animate all the songs
Day70: everyone Superjail!
Day 75: shipping wars nooo
Day 82: swoncest
Day 83: SWANcest
Day 85: we are all swag
Day 90: let's all kill ourselves
Day 91: 3 months...no srsly when does the dvd come out
Day 93: ask blog drama nooo.
Day 94: swag trapped in closet
Day 96: Hoses.
Days 113: Swag in Arctic
Day 125: Swag in desert
Day 126: ☄ and Camp Weehawken
Day 138: Thneedville High
Day 145: The Askblog Identity Riot of 2012
Day 146: Fandom Lovefest
Day 146: swonter, good
Day 154: typoooooo
Day 154: shakespeare-ler
Day 157: 24 hours remain

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One day your child will bring home a friend and introduce them and they’ll have the name of a fictional character and you silently whisper “I can’t believe their parents were in ‘that’ fandom!”

#i don’t care how cute he is you can’t hang out with cullen anymore

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don’t mind me lorax fandom.


I just want to take a moment to say how freaking UNIQUE the Lorax fandom is. And yeah, people seem to say it daily. So much so that it’s losing it’s meaning.

But what I mean is…

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Reblog with your first online fandom.













Im cry

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Disney, though I was more passive and didn’t contribute much other than the occasional cosplay. The first fandom I’ve heavily contributed to was the Once-ler fandom.

mario fuck my life


fairly odd parentts mfnfgmnfm

golden sun i guess???

kingdom hearts v x v




Danny Phantom (though TGWTG was the first one where I ever got involved in the community aspect…)

Kingdom Hearts

Avalon: Web of Magic

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how is it possible to love fictional characters this much and also have people always been this way?

like, did queen elizabeth lie in bed late sometimes thinking ‘VERILY I CANNOT EVEN FOR MERCUTIO HATH SLAIN ME WITH FEELS’ 

was caesar like ‘ET TU ODYSSEUS’ 

sometimes i wonder

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there’s something kind of beautiful about an entire fandom going absolutely batshit insane all at the same time

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Every imageboard ever.

Every fandom ever.

Everywhere ever.




Every imageboard ever.

Every fandom ever.

Everywhere ever.

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I make a habit of wearing fandom related shirts when I go out because I always have that glimmer of hope that just maybe someone will recognize one of them
but then I remember that you guys basically stay inside all day and it makes me sad

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I saw the original post on my dash with no contrasting/positive comments so I had to look what other people said because I just don’t agree in a way. I mean, c’mon, it’s just like real life. You can love/loathe the celebrities but you can also make friends with lesser known people (but you can make friends with celebrities here too). And whether you’re “popular” or not, if you speak up, it’s a very loving fandom (as long as you’re not caught with those hate anons). I’ve been in only one other fandom that I was truly involved in so I can’t say this is the closest group of people for sure but it’s the closest I’ve ever felt. I know you might feel small but you have to talk to people. Make friends. 

“Make friends.”

You know what? I’ve tried that. I’ve tried talking to people in this fandom, but they talk to me maybe once? and never speak to me again. I tried making quite a few contributions to the fandom. They were all pretty much ignored. I have quite a lot of followers from the Once-ler fandom that never like or reblog anything I do. So I guess, yeah, the Once-ler fandom is a family, a family to extremely talented social butterflies (at least on Tumblr). I tried hard to fit in and it just makes me feel exponentially worse. I’ve tried to “make friends” but just brushed off. 

Maybe you’re just trying with the wrong people, I don’t know. You really can’t walk up to someone and expect to have a beautiful friendship right away. I understand. It’s hard for me to make friends because I just don’t know what to say (and this is still me in real life). You just have to click with people the right way

Ummmm, I’mma add a perspective I haven’t really seen yet. For my part, I haven’t made any close friends in the fandom, but I can’t blame it on others at all; I’m just awful at reaching out to people. I don’t even contribute much but everyone I’ve ever talked to has been wonderful. <3

I guess… it feels like a family to me, even if I’m the family member who sits in the car with my book during reunions. XD

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what if in the future fandom wars escalate to the point of being actual wars 

“we’ve lost another battalion to the homestucks and the once-ler fans are closing in on our southern border, sir” 

“damn it all! at this rate we’re going to have to reconsider the whovians’ offer to unite to strengthen our numbers”

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